It has been proven that the use of LED at specific wavelengths through close exposure mode can enhance the vitality of skin cells and tissues to better improve skin condition.


LED mask will provide activation of the deep cells and transform energy into the cell (improving cellular metabolism)




After the light is absorbed by the skin, light energy is converted to intracellular energy which relaxes and strengthens the capillaries. This increases the cells “bodyguard” and “cleaning workers” (catalase and Superoxide Dismutase Enzymes SOD activity) which increases cellular energy generation source (ATP) decomposition, promoting cell metabolism and synthesis, increasing glycogen and protein content which stimulates collagen, stimulating the body’s alkaline synthetic growth factor (BFGB) epidermal growth factor.


The collagen and elastin fibres are rearranged, blocking and eliminating melanocyte formation, accelerate cell growth and blood circulation, stimulate fibre cells, tissue collagen, increase elasticity to help repair an impaired skin and improve firmness and ageing skin.

LED Facial Mask

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