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Click to expand... Very accurate emulation in terms of speed is the DS1/2 era. This is the whole reason why I ended up getting both the Wii (for the price, an awesome system) and an Apple IIe. The DS2 can be fun, but if you want a fair emulation of the speed, it's the Wii. I'm not talking about all the roms I have. I'm talking about the games that actually run at a decent speed on the DS and Wii. There's a huge difference in the state of the two machines. DS, like its predecessor the Sega Saturn, is a very-truck-like hardware. Most games, even some that have nothing to do with it, seem to take just a bit of time to get into their smooth gameplay. For instance, I own every game from Famicom, and I'd say the only games that run decent on the Wii, other than those that can be played in battery mode, are Monster World IV, Snatcher, and maybe one or two others. All the others seem to take a couple of seconds for the game to start, and it feels pretty unresponsive. On DS, by contrast, even most of those games feel pretty responsive. You start them, and you can do stuff like read text, and the game comes alive pretty fast. Even if it's doing a simple thing, like changing the selection of a character in a dialogue tree, there's a fraction of a second between pressing A and it actually doing it. It seems to me like the Wii is just a crappier hardware. I mean, that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy some of the games that have come out for the Wii, but I'd say they take way more time to start up, and it just feels unresponsive. If I had to say, Wii hardware sucks because most Nintendo games are already on DS hardware, so it's obvious the Wii wasn't built for Nintendo's hardware. I don't think that the Wii was built for the Famicom games but more for the DS games and I don't know if there are any DS games on the Wii. All things being equal and cost wise, the GameCube and the Nintendo Wii are the same (new in every way), including price and non-obvious quality. They are both great platforms, with the Wii being one of the best of the




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E-Mu Emulator X3 Crack.139 (Latest)
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